REVIEW: Bound By Desire by Ryan Michele

Intense and gripping

The second book of this Ravage MC spin off series and it is going from strength to strength…the story is intense and gripping with Deke a ruthless, cynical cage fighter and quite frankly at the start of this book a misogynist who is consumed by anger and Rylie who works in security and is a smart cookie who bows to no man….

Wow what a scorching hot relationship..Deke and Rylie are two strong independant characters who both like control and are focused on their own goals…..they do not take crap from anyone else…. Their interactions are full of sexual tension, challenging behavior and humour….I loved at the beginning when they both describe their lives and their homes and they sound like the same personas … typical of the genre and what makes this book extra special is the brotherhood and sisterhood of the MC which is well described and full of camaraderie, loyalty and love…. Perfect…

There are two major events which occur towards the end of the book and in some ways this felt unrealistic and detracted from the narrative….I suspect the one was there as a device to introduce the heroine for the next book but both plots were worthy of their own book rather than packed into one…

That being said I loved the premise of this action packed and exciting read…this author never fails to deliver and as one story comes to a close so another one begins…I am so looking forward to reading about Austyn and Ryker in the next installment… .This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)
For fans of: Marie James, Georgia Le Carre, Lilli St Germaine, Jordan Silver, Tillie Cole

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