REVIEW: Finding Heart by Tiffani Lynn

A friends to lovers story filled with emotion, this is the second book in a series of standalones.

Marina and Dex were foster care kids who’s lives took different turns whilst Marina was followed by bad luck Dex’s life turned out okay he’d been in the military and was now a cop, this is their story of them being reunited after 10 years. Marina hopes Dex will be there for her like he was all those years ago but he’s changed he’s hardened over the years and he’s independent. Their reunion isn’t easy it’s filled with trials and tribulations but that’s the course of true love for you.

This was my first book by this particular author, it was a decent read a little somewhat unrealistic in parts but overall the authors writing skills were impressive and if you like you heroes moody, protective and rocking the whole alpha vibe then you won’t be disappointed with this.

~Cheryl (3/5)

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