REVIEW: Torrid by Nikki Sloane


All the components of the mafia genre lie within the pages of this book……Vasilije is a ruthless Serbian mafia prince and Oksana is the daughter of a Russian boss and a woman on her own personal mission…. secrets, lies, violence and revenge are the basis for their relationship ….

The world, first created by the author in Sordid, is well described and detailed…. the family rivalries and intrigues are complicated and believable… this was a fast paced story told from the dual point of view of the two protagonists….both the characters were fascinating ….dysfunctional products of the world they have grown up in.. I was especially invested in the character development of Vasilije through the course of the book…he is ruthless, cruel and dominant but in Oksana he has met his match…

I loved the complex relationship of Oksana and Vasilije and OMG the sex between these two was dirty and erotic… I was caught up in the plot and invested in the outcome .. this was a thrilling and explosive read which was almost impossible to put down once started…This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

If you’re looking for a hot, sexy, erotic story then look no further.

This was a fast paced story in which the main protagonists Vasilije and Oksana were a seriously dysfunctional pair there was nothing really between them at first except secrets, lies, sex and a struggle for power but then feelings came in to play and something more began to develop. Torrid was a deliciously dark steamy romance where the the sex was hot, dirty and highly erotic.

A gripping, exciting read that ticked all the boxes I normally look for in books of the mafia genre, the words just flowed along effortlessly showcasing Sloane’s impeccable writing skills and proving she can hold her own in the smut world.

4 well deserved stars out of 5.

~Cheryl (4/5)

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