REVIEW: Alpha Grayson by Midika Crane


The world of alphas and magical beings has never been so complicated….this third in the series is purported to be a standalone but in truth, having not read the other stories, it took me some considerable time to work out the previous events which led up to and directly influenced this story about Lexia, a feisty and rebellious gifted female and Grayson an alpha pack leader with his own secret…..

The author writes well but I found reading this book a challenge..I had difficulty immersing myself in the imagined alternative world in which the characters interacted and I felt the characters themselves were shallow and lacking real personality…Lexia in particular was disappointing, she was identified as a rebel fighting the system but she never really seemed capable of invoking change alone and with very little persuasion succumbed to the very thing she was fighting…

The premise of the story is most definitely interesting and original but with frequent reflections and explanations of the characters and the magic influencing their lives.. the complexity of the history and lore tended to hinder the pace of the narrative….

I do love the paranormal genre but on this occasion I was not convinced by the characters or their responses to the events being played out… I am assuming that if I had read the first two books I would have felt more engaged with the ongoing saga but without prior insight I did struggle with this book and did not feel invested in the outcome for the key players….This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (3/5)

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