EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Wrecked by Jeannine Colette

Nico’s eyes are dark, hard, and coldly staring at me. I know what those eyes are saying. He’s not worried about getting caught. He’s already in a mess of trouble. He’s just looking for a little reward for his arrest.

“Come on, sweet thing. Show me what you do for everyone else. Dressed in an outfit like that”—he licks his lips, the saliva pooling at the side of his mouth—“you know you like the attention. Let me have a taste.”

His body pushes up against mine, forcing my back to slam into the cold cinder block. My head hits the wall with a thud, making my skull vibrate. With cuffed hands, he slides his fingers up to my cheek. His stale breath stinks of menthol cigarettes and marijuana. I turn to the side and try to scream, but his hand covers my mouth, blocking the sound.

I have a lot of slack on my chain, but there is no way I can get around him. Not this way. Not with him playing the dominant, overpowering me. I thrust my body against Nico’s, but he shoves me back. His chest weighs down on mine, hips pinning my lower body, his hands now lower on my waist.

“You’re feisty, baby girl. Just how I like it. Show me how wild you can be.”

I slam my fists against him. His weight is too forceful. I attempt to scream again, but he shoves his shoulder into my neck, making it hard for me to breathe. Rough hands are trying to roam over my shorts, pressing in to feel the skin beneath. I buck my hips, doing whatever I can to get him off of me. The harder I fight, the stronger he becomes.

Pushing, thrusting, fighting with all my might.

Thrashing, twisting, I need to make an escape. I can tell he’s done this before, and he knows how to handle a victim.

His thumb is roving inside the band of my shorts, and I think I might vomit, the taste of bile salivating in my mouth.

With his concentration on getting the button of my shorts undone, he relaxes his hips. I use the opportunity to lift my knee. I need to kick him, hurt him. I’m about to knee him straight in the balls when two large hands grab hold of Nico’s shoulders and pull him back.

“Get the fuck off of her.” Adam’s loud, harsh growl fills the room.

He shoves Nico against the opposite wall, his forearm in Nico’s throat. Adam’s face burns crimson, and his eyes are filled with rage. His teeth are clenched, the square jaw about to burst through the skin.

“She is not one of your whores.” With each word, he shoves his arm further into Nico’s neck.

“Looks like I messed with the wrong girl. Didn’t know she was yours,” Nico says through short breaths.

I’m surprised to see a smirk on his face.

“You ever touch Leah again, and I will kill you. You hear me?” Adam says each word with perfect articulation, ensuring Nico doesn’t miss the threat.

“After everything we’ve been through, it’s a girl that finally has you threatening my life? Wouldn’t Brad be disappointed? Besides, wasn’t she his first?”

No sooner are the words out of Nico’s mouth than Adam lifts him up and slams him into the corner and down onto the ground. With Nico now on the floor, Adam leans forward and cuffs him to the foot of the bench. He won’t be able to move further than a few inches now.

When Adam looks back at me, I finally take an assessment of myself. My hands are pressed tight into my body, protecting it from being violated. My breaths are deep and fast. I feel like my heart is crawling into my stomach with each breath. My eyes are wide as I stare at Adam. He’s examining me like I’m a wounded dove. He hasn’t looked at me in years, and this is the state I’m in when he finally decides to take notice.

I stand up straight and wipe the hair away from my tear-stained face. “I can’t be in here with him anymore.”

“You shouldn’t be in here at all.” Adam walks toward me.

He attempts to grab my hands, but I flinch. With slow, controlled movements, he tries again. In the gentlest way, he lifts my palms and unlocks the cuffs around my wrists. The skin of his hands is rough and callous, yet he’s grasping onto mine with the touch of someone holding a newborn baby.

I stretch out my fingers and circle my wrist. “Thank you.”

“Come with me.”

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