REVIEW: Covet by Dani Rene

Wonderfully Dark and tortuous….

I have fallen in love with this wonderfully dark, tortuous and erotic series…. Paige and Kael first appeared in the novella From The Ashes and now they take centre stage in a full length novel…

This author is a marvellous storyteller, adept at setting the scene and creating complex and believable characters…. the two main characters take turns to tell their version of events…. from the very beginning their conflicted emotions are identified with their continual struggle between the roles they have been forced to take on and their true selves..both are victims of the worlds they have been born into….in the face of adversity they are surrounded by a group of equally damaged men and women who offer support, salvation together with another layer of plot not… to mention some steamy and erotic moments….

This is a story of betrayal, intrigue, cruelty, family loyalty and secrets but also love which rises from the ashes of torment and tribulation……there is a warning that comes with the series which should be heeded by those commencing this journey; this imagined world is dark and the wicked deeds perpetrated within it are darker still……

Covet is the perfect title for this book……in the truest sense of this word almost every one of the characters is yearning to possess something, especially something belonging to another …… the components of the story are worthy of a Shakespearian play; the heroes are tragically flawed and the villains despicable, brutal and ruthless… each book in the series is a standalone but the threads of the plot interweave and are best admired and understood by reading them in their entirety ……..this book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads

~Sheena (5/5)

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