REVIEW: Shameless by M. Malone & Nana Malone

Exciting and action filled…

This is the first in an exciting trilogy…..Noah is an ex-assassin who now works in security and Lucia is his dead best friends sister and the woman he has vowed to protect from any danger including himself…Lucia is a woman on a mission and Noah has his reasons for ensuring she fails…

A fast paced, action filled thriller told from the dual perspective of the two main characters…l love the relationship between Lucia and Noah, which is adversarial, full of sexual tension and amusing interludes, and also the camaraderie between the men of the security team…

I was enthralled with all the twists in the plot and the intrigue surrounding the death of Lucia’s brother…the premise of the story was gripping and the growing tension within the plot was exciting as piece by piece Lucia unravels the mystery and the reality of her situation begins to emerge….this was a great first in the series ending in a shocking cliffhanger which demanded that I read the next installment asap….This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

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