REVIEW: Hot Cop by Sierra Simone & Laurelin Paige

Put together a demure librarian that knows what she wants, or does she? and a confident, sexy as hell hot cop and what you get is one fantastic read filled with humour, passion and oodles of emotion that will have you hooked from beginning to end.

I’d been in a little bit of a book slump but this was just what I needed to lift me out of it, I laughed, I got very got under the collar and I swooned over Officer Kelly.

Both of these authors are talented in their own right but put them together and WOW they’re amazing, I gathered that this was going to be good when I read the blurb but seriously these two smashed it, I was blown away. Hot Cop was one captivating read that I devoured in one sitting.

If you’re fans of Lauren Landish and Willow Winters then you’ll love this and if you haven’t read anything by them go check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

~Cheryl (5/5)

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