REVIEW: Lick by Torrie Robles

Jenni a young woman who grew up in a very religious family fled to stay with her best friend who just so happened to stay in an MC she soon became part of the MC family catching the eye of Lick one of the bikers. Lick’s a hot brooding biker with an absolutely heart-breaking childhood that’s left him emotionally scarred and made him treat woman with little respect that is until he meets Jenni there’s something about her that’s different.

I loved the way these two circled around one another, they were drawn to each other. Lick’s an extremely confident guy but Jenni could see right through all the false bravado he’d built up round about himself over the years, she managed to break through his walls proving to him that he was capable of loving and being loved and that not all woman are bitches.

This was a brilliantly written MC book with a deeper storyline not just your typical drug cartel sex ring stuff. Great characters that I look forward to reading more about, I laughed, smiled and cried whilst reading this it was an emotional, dark sexy read.

Torrie certainly knows how to write one hell of a captivating story I was hooked from beginning to end I couldn’t put my kindle down.

~Cheryl (5/5)

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