REVIEW: My Best Friend’s Ex by Meghan Quinn

If there’s one standout from this, it’s the pure anticipation Meghan Quinn manages to build. I mean, over 50% of this book is build-up, and boy, it’s knee-trembling stuff, breath-holding stuff. And yes, it pays off in the end.

Emma and Tucker were characterised brilliantly, with perfect banter and chemistry, and the supporting cast were well worth it, particularly Racer, whose repartee with Tucker towards the end was one of the things that truly made this book enjoyable.

I’ve been a fan of Quinn’s work for a while now, and although I found her previous release, Dear Life, a little disappointing – light on the humour, high on the preach – Quinn manages to rediscover the balance here. Yes, this work perhaps isn’t as funny as some of her previous, but it manages to deal with themes of loss and depression while not coming off as moralistic, and still being a very much enjoyable read.

My one gripe was with the small reveal at the end concerning Logan. I found this incredibly far-fetched and it did make me roll my eyes. I preferred the way that particular strand of the plot appeared to be panning out, as opposed to what actually happened.

A forbidden love story full to the brim of anticipation, My Best Friend’s Ex is a return to form for Meghan Quinn.

~Evelyn (4/5)

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