REVIEW: Goaltending by Jami Davenport

Mixed review ….

With a slight twist on the theme of secret baby/sports romance this book focused on Brick, a hockey goalkeeper and player on and off the rink and Amelia the smart, strong woman, whom he hired to be a nanny for the surprise package that arrived on his doorstep………I really liked the premise of the story but unfortunately the circumstances surrounding the arrival of Brick’s daughter stretched all credibility for me…

The story was written from the perspective of the main characters which gave an insight into how self absorbed Brick was for the majority of the story…the characters were believable albeit shallow and alas I could not relate to Brick who in truth was a selfish ass for 90% of the time and whilst Amelia was perfectly nice I did not understand her willingness to forgive and forget…I did love Macy who added a breath of fresh air and humour to the narrative and the world surrounding the hockey team itself was engaging and fun …the interactions between the guys and their significant others were full of camaraderie and friendship and as this series progresses the relationships and personalities become increasingly interesting and complex….

The eighth book in the series…this was a mixed bag for me; it was fun, easy reading and relatively angst free although there were some emotional moments….but it was also frustrating and unrealistic at times and most important of all the romantic relationship between Amelia and Brick never quite worked for me and as a consequence I was not totally invested in their search for a happy ever after…..This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (3/5)

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