REVIEW: Condemned by Him by L.M. Roberts

Sinister and twisted

What a sinister and twisted plot …this is not a sweet love story with a righteous hero and heroine this is a raw and brutal tale of an irreparably damaged man and the woman he claims and owns…..but there is also something more between the torturer and the victim that neither wishes to acknowledge or explore…

Talon and Everly take it in turns to provide their points of view on proceedings…..Talon’s narrative reflects his constant anger and violent nature he is not a good man, in fact for most of the story it was impossible to feel anything but distaste for his deplorable actions but Everly provides not only an insight into the terror and hopelessness of her situation but also a humorous commentary which lightens some of the darkest episodes…

If you prefer light romance this book is not for you…the warning is clear for all to see and from the very first chapter very bad things happen…I love dark stories and I enjoyed the author’s writing style and the atmosphere of fear she created however at times I did feel that the violence was excessive and made uncomfortable reading…Without giving any of the plot away there is a chapter in the book written from Everly’s perspective where she erroneously believes she is dreaming and consequently she exacts unjustified retribution…I really did not feel this was realistic or necessary to the development of the plot..

This was a suspenseful and malevolent story which was fast paced and gripping throughout; there is a completely unexpected twist at the end, which stretched my credulity and left an equally unexpected cliffhanger…..This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (4/5)

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