REVIEW: Nudes by Sarah Robinson

This was an interesting read for me. Don’t be put off by the rating, as that is solely my opinion, bearing in mind that I don’t usually choose to read books like this. For me, the cover and synopsis were enough to draw me in, but (and, cleverly, as it is designed to challenge our perceptions) the novel itself was completely different to what I expected it to be. Which is great – it pushed me out of my usual comfort zone of reading. Similarly, the political/social aspect behind the story, about women’s equality in Hollywood, is a good message and was conveyed very well.

Robinson’s writing is also commendable for being almost flawless.

However, to me, this felt somewhat clinical, a little devoid of emotion and I found it particularly difficult to relate to the characters. Although Aria seemed more developed, Ben felt like a bit of a shell, and Russell and Ben’s ex-wife really came across as caricatures, rather than complex individuals. The plot felt a little forced, and I’m really not sure how realistic I felt the events to be.

It felt very much like the political message became the primary reason for this novel, at the expense of the characterisation, realism and plot. And, above all, sickly sweet insta-love is really, really not my choice of romance.

Overall, despite a strong social message and excellent writing, Nudes is too black-and-white for my taste, absent of the nuances that make life life.

~Evelyn (2/5)

A fast paced storyline which covers the relationship between a Hollywood actress and a studio executive who begin a mutually beneficial relationship but as the story unfolds their feelings grow.

This was an insta-love romance with a point to put across showing how people’s feelings can be jeopardised and left hanging on the edge of decimation all because of one spiteful jealous individual.

A thought provoking read with a powerful message, stunning cover, great storyline and beautifully written by Sarah Robinson who’s a new author to myself, I enjoyed her style of writing and look forward to checking out her other books.

~Cheryl (4/5)

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