REVIEW: The List by Chantal Fernando

This follows the heroine Taye who after setting out to find herself a willing partner to participate in a one night stand with ends up developing feelings for him but they’re not reciprocated, well at least not straight away. The man in question Eli does come in and out of Taye’s life throughout the years offering her nothing more than just sex until it’s almost too late.

This was my first read by Chantal Fernando and whilst I did like her style of writing I just couldn’t fully connect with the characters it started out okay enough but Taye soon started grinding my gears I found her rather desperate verging on pathetic, I mean she pined after a guy who was only offering sex at sporadic intervals whilst sleeping with other woman in between those times it wouldn’t have been me that’s for sure as for Eli he was a jerk albeit a hot one for messing her around the way he did however they did eventually get together in the end. One thing I will say is this author certainly knows her way around a great sex scene or two there was definitely some heat under my collar.

As I said I liked the authors style of writing and it was a decent enough storyline it was just the timescale of things that let it down for me, it would have been better if Taye didn’t put up with Eli’s manwhorish ways for quite so long.

Overall it’s a respectable 3 out of 5 from me.

~Cheryl (3/5)

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