REVIEW: Captain by Lauren Rowe

OMG I have a new appreciation for rum and from now on whenever I see a bottle of it there’s only one Captain I’ll be thinking of and that is Captain Ryan Morgan.

Captain is a standalone but if you’ve read The Club series and Ball Peen Hammer then you’ll be familiar with many of the characters in this book.

Ryan ‘Captain’ Morgan is in a bar when he meets Tessa Rodriguez the first time round, they both spend some time chatting and flirting there appears to be a deep connection between them both and things are looking positive for a future date, it was all going great until well it wasn’t…. Tessa ends up fleeing the bar leaving Ryan devastated at the thought of what could’ve been. The second time they meet is at the start of a weeks celebrations leading up to Ryan’s sister’s wedding, his sister is marrying Tessa’s boss but things aren’t quite so straight forward resulting in many of comical moments they develop a sort of love/hate, enemies to lover relationship. The chemistry they both have is amazingly off the charts hot and there’s many a scorching moments prepare to get hot under the collar whilst reading this, also prepare to laugh and smile a lot and to fall in love with these two as they fall in love with each other.

I honestly didn’t think I’d love anyone more than Jonas from The Club series but Ryan has well and truly stolen the crown. I had a great time reading this book it was like being at home catching up with faces old and new I can’t wait to see what Lauren has in-store next for us love monkeys.

~Cheryl (5/5)

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