REVIEW: Road to Ruin by Callie Hart & Jonny James

A massively promising start to a new joint venture between one of my top favourite authors, Callie Hart, and the debut from model Jonny James, this first instalment injects the typical grit of a Callie Hart novel into a new setting: New Orleans.

Although the promise was that this would be dark to a new extreme, I’ve either read too much from that genre recently and have thus become desensitised, or this fell a little flat of that. Either way, it didn’t stop me grimacing at some of the gore and brutality – though nothing I wouldn’t already expect from something written by Hart.

One of the strongest aspects of this novel was the character development. Tommy and Nikita are both incredibly strong, independent characters; deadly, dangerous, and able to hold their own. And when they come together (which, by the way, was done in a way that felt massively refreshing in comparison to many of the other novels I’ve read recently – I love a no-excuses-necessary woman who knows exactly what she wants), they really do make something fierce. Even the supporting cast was perfectly formed: brutal, but three-dimensional. There are no caricatures here.

This is a relationship to get behind, characters to follow and grow attached to, and a plot full to the brim of intrigue.

The first I’ve read in a while which has made me disappointed when I’ve reached the final page. I want more, and boy, am I excited to see what this duo will bring us in part two.

~Evelyn (4/5)

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