REVIEW: Going in Deep by Carly Phillips

This was my first time reading a Carly Phillips book and even though it’s the fourth book in the Billionaire Bad Boys series it’s been written in a way that it can be read as a standalone.

Going In Deep is a story of redemption and second chances that follows Julian and Kendall who are two people that share a painful past and end up being brought together again after years apart.

I feel that Carly did a brilliant job with the way in which she portrayed the characters, I loved how she didn’t make it easy for Julian to redeem himself yet somehow she managed to turn him from villian to hero making me love him in the end and if that isn’t a great trait to have as an author I don’t know what is.

I highly recommend this book it’s a sweet emotional tale of second chance love proving that once again that true love conquers all.

~Cheryl (4/5)

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