REVIEW: Beauty of a Monster: Seduction by Eleanor Lloyd-Jones & Katie Fox

A skillfully woven tapestry…full of dark and light threads..

Well this was a rather unexpected book full of surprises…… a skillfully woven tapestry of dark and light threads……the wonderfully original opening chapter confirmed this as a modern day Mary Shelley or Bram Stoker novel with a foreboding manor, a young beautiful, guileless woman, a manservant barring entry and an apparently heartless and mysterious landowner unwilling to listen to the heartfelt cries of the daughter of a beleaguered employee…..deeply moving in parts it was a book of love and hate, redemption and guilt, passion and loss ……all these elements contributed to the book’s gothic theme and atmosphere…

I loved the world the author imagined on to the page and the realistic characters that inhabited it…..I was fascinated by the mystery surrounding the two main characters, Joey and Will, two apparently unconnected individuals linked by some event in their past….there was a menacing atmosphere of uneasiness focused on Will counterbalanced with the breath of fresh air that was Joey……….this may have been fashioned in a gothic style but their relationship was intense and steamy nevertheless…

The author tended to tell the story in present day with flashbacks and retrospective recollections..I did find this mixture of storytelling devices confusing at times finding it tricky, on occasions, to follow the timeline as it moved backwards and forwards…

Undoubtedly this was a captivating and intriguing story filled with dark secrets, guilt and suppressed emotions and memories…..the cliffhanger ending leaves many unanswered questions which I anticipate will be addressed in the sequel…… This book was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads…

~Sheena (5/5)

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