REVIEW: Bombshell by C.D. Reiss

WOW just WOW this book was flawless CD Reiss has created a masterpiece her writing skills are faultless and it shows with Bombshell.

So as you can gather by reading the blurb this is a book about what I suppose could be classed as a bit of a taboo type subject you know The Single Daddy And The Nanny/Employer And His Employee but there’s more to it than just Celebrity Daddy falls for the hired help and vice versa a whole lot more, there were elements I didn’t see coming that pleasantly surprised me and it made me love it that little bit more.

The Celebrity Dad in question Brad was just soo perfectly imperfect I fell completely under his spell as for Cara the Nanny I loved her feistiness she put Brad in his place on more than one occasion she wasn’t intimidated by his Celebrity status at all she just didn’t want to become “That Nanny” the one who messed around with the hot single Dad, then there was Nicole the most adorable, lovable little girl there could ever be well other than my own. It was a wonderful journey to be part of watching Brad fall in love with not only his daughter but her Nanny too.

Honestly couldn’t fault this book if I tried, my words to CD Reiss would be “If perfect’s what you’re looking for don’t change a thing” and she shouldn’t if this books anything to go by this is going to be one hell of a series.

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