REVIEW: Too Complicated by Bethany Lopez

This is the second book of the Lewis Cousins series but can be read as a standalone which is how I read it.

The storyline flowed along nicely and was in no way confusing however I will be totally honest it did take me a few chapters to settle in and enjoy the characters for who they were I’m glad I stuck with it as it turned out to be an enjoyable read.

This was a really sweet romance with an adorably cute yet hot and sexy lead male “Reardon” who was the all round perfect book boyfriend and the ideal man for Chloe throw in some well written secondary characters and you had a pleasant story.

If you’re after a sweet romantic read then this one’s for you, was it filled with hot passion? No but it was nice read that had the feel good factor and for that reason alone it gets 3.5 stars out of 5 from me. It was my first read by Lopez but it won’t be my last I like her style of writing so I’ll definitely be checking out her other stuff.

~Cheryl (3.5/5)

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