REVIEW: Falling for the Billionaire Wolf and His Baby by Sasha Summers

A paranormal story with Finn, a sexy billionaire with a secret , an unexpected baby and Jessa, a smart, capable woman…this book was a great combination of romance and suspense with a good helping of hot, badass wolves and hidden lethal adversaries…..

The relationship between Jessa and Finn was genuine and felt authentic..I am a sucker for a Wolf who wants to be allowed out to protect his soulmate and Finn and his inner animal were in a constant battle … Finn actually came across as very self sacrificing determined not to allow the internal and external forces threatening him and his pack to harm his child and the woman he is drawn to….I really loved the wolf pack their unbreakable brotherhood and loyalty, united in the belief they are cursed….I can see how easy it would be to fall in love with each and every one over the course of the series…..

I liked the premise of the reluctant wolf and the resultant external and internal struggles…..I loved the personalities and the writing was really good …the plot was interesting and it held my attention although it is fair to say the action didn’t really ratchet up until the second half of the book…..I would like to have had more information about the wolves legend and lore to better understand the alternate reality…hopefully this will be addressed in future instalments…

In summary this was a book well worth reading…. sweet, romantic, gripping and thoroughly entertaining and I would certainly be eager to read any future books that arise from this satisfactory starting place……beware there is a cliffhanger but not a majorly big one..

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