REVIEW: Erased by Sansa Rayne

Wow..this was such a dark erotic smorgasbord of kidnap, murder, intrigue, sexual slavery and lust…. not for the fainthearted it focused on the twisted relationship between Gabriel and Marla as they navigated their way through the intense reactions and feelings they had for each other in a world neither wanted to inhabit…

The narrative came from three separate points of view: Marla whose emotions, actions and reactions were shared directly with the reader, Gabriel whose motives and thoughts were often in direct conflict with his outward deeds and from the captor’s perspective..the characters in this story, whether they were a force for relative good or evil, were all interesting…the relationship between Marla and Gabriel was so complex both were conflicted and unable to control their environment whilst being constantly under a menacing scrutiny..

I have to admit that for a good three quarters of the book I was not overly convinced or enamoured with Marla’s personality at times she was feisty to the point of reckless and some of her responses seemed unlikely under the circumstances in which she found herself… was only towards the end of the book that I finally warmed up to her…

This is a disturbing book which begged the question can any meaningful relationship grow out of darkness and destruction…it was a thrilling read which held my attention to the end..I received a copy of this book as an ARC from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review…

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