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REVIEW: Collision by Allie Redman

34229790Collision by Allie Redman
Series: Serial Killer Unit #2
Genre: romantic suspense

Shane and Macy have found each other and now have a chance at happiness and love at last……

But when the killer that took Shane’s wife shows himself again on their doorstep it is a race against time.

Shane already lost his wife, will he be able to keep from losing everything again?

Macy is home at last but the ghosts of her past are never far behind. She has spent a lifetime hiding but she could never hide from Shane.

Now with a race against a killer who is stalking them all and Macy’s past catching up its a race against time.

When ghosts of the past chase you how far can you run from the Collision?

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Sneak peek

“Shane, you can’t see the future. You are human. We all know the risks of being in this line of work but we also know the rewards that come with it. Shane what we do, what you do is amazing. We protect those who can’t protect themselves and sometime Shane we are going to get hurt and sometimes we lose people but the important part to remember is that we win Shane, we get to see how this ends, we get to end it.”

Shane looked deep in to my eyes and let out a sigh, “How do you do it baby? How do you live through what you lived through and still see hope? How is it that you can look at the world and see so much and hope? And not only do you see hope but you spread it baby. You make me believe that there is a better tomorrow and that the world isn’t just shit. You are my light darlin.”

I couldn’t help the tear that fell down my cheek. I know Shane thought I was his light but he was mine and he was the one that showed me that the world can be a beautiful place. He is the one that showed me what love is, he showed me a world that I didn’t think existed.

“You know more and do more than you think Shane. You don’t even see how truly amazing and perfect you are.” I leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips, forgetting about my banged-up face. I flinched when Shane put his forehead on mine, I tried to hide it because I knew he needed this closeness but he saw right through.

“Shit baby I’m sorry. Let me take a look.” Shane inspected my face and made a growling sound from deep in his throat. His eyes filled with so much anger, I could feel it coming off him in waves. I placed my hands on his.

Review by Sheena

This was a powerful and at times violent romantic thriller and a great addition to what is fast becoming an addictive series..the heroes of these books seem to be magnets for the most sadistic of enemies and as a consequence the small town where the action takes place is fast becoming murder central….Collision can be read as a standalone but for the full backstory and appreciation of the characters it is better to start with Double Take …the first in the series ……

Told from the perspective of the two main characters, the narrative included flashbacks to serious events in their pasts……. in addition the killer’s thoughts and motives were interwoven throughout …I particularly liked the camaraderie between the specialist investigative team members which was totally believable full of humour, friendship and love ….furthermore concerns I raised regarding characterisation in the first book no longer applied…

The story was fast paced and really dark at times; the author skilfully created an unsettling atmosphere of menace and uncertainty as the plot twisted and turned…as in the case of the first book the format was in the style of a whodunnit and the conclusion was suitably unexpected and shocking …..

With it’s gripping plot and surprising finale I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more in the future.

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