REVIEW: Breaking Gravity by Autumn Grey

BG Amazon-1Breaking Gravity by Autumn Grey
Series: Fall Back #2
Genre: contemporary

I’ve always followed my dreams with ruthless determination.
My life was going well. Success was at my fingertips.
Until it wasn’t.
All it took was three seconds to send my world crashing down around me,
ripping my dreams to shreds.
Then I meet her, with her large hazel eyes that slay me at first glance.
And everything starts to make sense again.
I try to keep my distance.
To remind myself I am her mentor.
That we can’t be more,
but every time I push away, I’m pulled deeper into her.
The line between student and teacher is blurring.
One kiss.
One taste.
They’re all it would take to cross the line.

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Review by Evelyn

I very much enjoyed the first instalment of this series, Fall Back Skyward, which absolutely stole my breath and gripped my heart so hard I read it in one sitting. It’s therefore safe to say that I had high expectations of this sequel, which is something I’ve been looking forward to reading since then. Unfortunately, my expectations just weren’t quite met, which is evident from the fact that it took me significantly longer than my usual reading time to get through it.

It started well – Elon and Nate were wonderfully complex, beautifully crafted characters with their fair share of pain. One of Grey’s biggest strengths is her ability to create these layers of complexity and sympathy, as with Nor and Cole in the previous novel. Their forbidden encounters and the anticipation to their relationship were both exquisitely executed, absolutely making my pulse race and my palms somewhat sweaty.

I struggled with the second half. The plot all seemed a little far-fetched and melodramatic, with so much happening that it was difficult to retain my interest in this budding relationship. Similarly, the epilogue was just a tad too neat for my liking, acting more like a checklist to a HEA than a small chapter to really get excited about and end the novel on. For me, it was devoid of meaning due to cliche and a lack of flow.

A frustrating mishmash of strong and weak, Breaking Gravity will appeal to fans of its prequel, even while not quite matching its emotional resonance.

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