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REVIEW: F*ckboy by Michelle McLoughney

F'ck Boy Ebook CoverF*ckboy by Michelle McLoughney
Series: Screwing the Boss
Genre: contemporary romance

The Fuck Boy

 Ridge Franklin is 20, tan, shirtless and presently clipping my hedges. Did I mention built like a brick sh*thouse, hot as Hades and a total f*ck boy?  If I had a soul left, I’d sell it to feel his rough hands on me.  I can’t stop thinking about him, but Ridge is off limits to a woman like me. He’s too young, too terrifying and too intense. Ridge makes me feel things, things I’ve never felt before. Dirty things.

 The Trophy

 Ava Hartman is 35, beautiful, a rich old man’s trophy wife, and currently sipping her third mimosa before 11am.  I see her watching me, from the window of her gilded cage, I feel the energy between us. Long legs, innocent brown eyes and with a body built for sin, I want her more than I’ve ever wanted anything. I know her secret, and I’m willing to use it in order to get what I want. Her, and her hot lush body, underneath mine. Again, and again and again.

 I want her. I need her. I’m going to take her. In every way possible.

 F*ck Boy is a filthy little story with a HEA

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Review by Cheryl

This was the first I’d heard of this author so obviously it’s the first book of hers I’ve read, did I enjoy it? Well honestly not as much as I thought I would off. Going by the title alone I thought this would be right up my street I mean with a title like F*ck boy I was hoping for it to be a smut lovers dream it sounded soo hot which indeed it was in fact it was rather filthy, I’m a bit sceptical when it comes to the older woman younger man thing yes I know it happens but like I said it’s not really for me especially when it’s a larger age gap like more than three to five years so that combined with the fact I struggled to connect with Ava is quite possibly the reason why I didn’t enjoy the book as much as thought I would off.

I may have struggled to connect with Ava at first but I did warm towards her in the end as for Ridge I thought he was perfection he was hot, built and sexy even if he was a tad intense. Although Ava and Ridge come from different worlds (she’s money whilst he’s just a commoner) when you take away the rags and riches they’re just two people who share a connection. There’s elements of the book that I found were rather heart warming namely the relationship between Ava and her brother Daniel it was touching albeit tragic.

I didn’t love this book but I didn’t hate it either and I would definitely read more of Michelle’s work in fact I intend to.

A respectable three out of five from me.

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