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REVIEW: Milli by Alexandra Iff

Cover_Milli-2Milli by Alexandra Iff
Series: standalone
Genre: romantic suspense

When twenty year old Eliza Cruz heads to London for the execution of her grandmamma’s will, she inadvertently triggers a series of events that take her straight to perdition, inside the devil’s lair itself.

But Sean O’Connor, the tall handsome stranger she meets en route, is always one step ahead, saving her life on a few occasions. A true Knight in shining armour.

But is he? If he really was a Knight, he’d be looking for a Princess.

Clearly, Eliza is not one.

“Shh… Quiet. Don’t let them hear you. Or else they’ll come. I don’t want them to come. This is my room. My space. A doll’s house that I’ve been living in since they brought me here. No windows though. Just a small dog flap at the bottom, closed with a latch from outside. But still, it’s mine. It’s the only thing I have. Why? Trust me, knowledge is not power, no matter what everyone say.”

I’ve never heard of Marquis de Sade before. But having been forced to read about him in the small confined space I was imprisoned in, on my knees, with my bottom out of that wretched hole, I now know who Milli was. Her sexual gratification depended on suffering physical pain and humiliation imposed by others. And they are priming me for the same.

For the big cull, as they say.

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Review by Sheena

This was such an original plot, both exciting and intense as the story oscillated between the present and the past and refused to give up it’s secrets as page after page the reader was taken further down that proverbial rabbit hole.. unfortunately whilst the storyline was intriguing the delivery left me somewhat disappointed….

The plot moved swiftly but conversely the clumsiness of some of the prose interfered with the flow of the story, particularly at the beginning……in addition my credulity was stretched as the coincidences and holes in the storyline stacked up although I acknowledge that some of these may be resolved as the series progresses….

…the characters were rather two dimensional with the villains presented as caricatures …and the heroine was truculent, gullible and immature….at one point she stated ‘ I should not apologize for my behavior. To anyone’…well actually for some of her behaviour she really should have…. and as a result I could not find it in me to like her….

I have thought about this long and hard… if I was scoring this book in a competition I would give it 4.5 for originality but for execution I would have to score 3.0 …on balance there was enough twisted darkness and mystery to capture and hold my attention and the cliffhanger succeeded in ensuring that I will be reading the next instalment….. but this was genuinely a unique premise and it could and should have been so much better…..

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