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All That Remains Box Set by S.M. Shade

ebook-coverAll That Remains Box Set by S.M. Shade
Series: All That Remains #1-3
Genre: erotic dystopian

Book One : The Last Woman

A plague has decimated the population, leaving Abby to raise her son alone in a world without electricity, clean water, or medical care. Her only priority is survival.
However, Airen is a hard man to resist. How does love differ in this new post apocalyptic world?

Book Two: Falling Together

In the aftermath of a global nightmare, broken-hearted Abby turns to Joseph, her best friend and the only one who understands her pain. Their circumstances are far from ordinary. Perhaps the answer is extraordinary as well.

Book Three: Infinite Ties

The more you look to the future, the more the past pursues you. Unfortunately, the re-appearance of former friends and enemies complicates lives, threatening to expose closely guarded secrets. Can they let go of the past in order to hang on to a future with each other?

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Review by Sheena

Rating: 4/5

This trilogy was reviewed for Summer’s Eve Reads… set in a post apocalyptic world this awesome storyline is such a rollercoaster ride eliciting a range of emotions; there is loss, sorrow, anger but there is also a great deal of joy, humour and above all this is essentially a love story that spans several decades.

The plot moves at a fast pace and the author creates a wonderfully, woven tapestry centred around a handful of plague survivors; in particular following the trials and tribulations of Abby, Airen and Joseph and the family, friends and foes that they encounter in their endeavours to survive.

As with all dystopian worlds extreme events seem to bring out the very best or the very worst of the people that remain but what I did find refreshing about this plot was that although there are bad people that have to be thwarted, on the whole, those remaining are essentially everyday people with all the insecurities , hopes, failings and kindness that the majority of us possess. I love the fact that the main characters have such disparate personalities and backgrounds; so much so that they would never have encountered each other in normal society but thrown together in survival mode they find solace and love in each others company and explore relationships which they would not have considered previously.

There are too many twists and turns to provide a complete picture of what the reader will encounter but all I can say is that it is an addictive read…this is not my usual preferred genre but I really could not put this book down so invested was I in the lives of the survivors….a thrilling post apocalyptic trilogy…

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