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Review: Three Sweet Nothings – Nikki Sloane

15002474_1323343671056079_3498251500566965693_oThree Sweet Nothings by Nikki Sloane
Series: Blindfold Club #5
Genre: erotica

Five years ago, we’d been together and on fire, but the flames burned us both. Now she’s back in my life and is all my wildest fantasies in the flesh.

I want her. The desire is too powerful to argue against, but I’m not interested in what we had. This is an arrangement about pleasure and finding out who we are behind closed doors. There won’t be talk of love or any sweet nothings whispered by either of us.

This time, I’ll control the heat and make sure neither of our hearts get too close to the flames.

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Heat: 4/5
Rating: 4/5

“Nnnnnnnngggg” was the noise I sort of kept making when reading this.

A handshake? Was he for fucking real? I gave his dick a handshake with my vagina just a week ago.

I got about 80% of the way through this book and then had to take a break to argue with myself. It was a choice between putting the book down to pull out some certain toys, or continuing to consume the words on these pages. The latter won. THAT’S how much I enjoyed this book.

It was an obscene art display and I didn’t want to blink. Didn’t want to miss a fraction of a second.

Honestly, this series just goes from strength to strength, and I am really hoping that the next instalment explores Julius (pretty please, Nikki?). These characters are wonderful, these sex scenes are SMOKIN’, and these relationships are, without fail, ones to fully invest in and want to play out to the end. I love the involvement of my favourite previous characters from the series, especially in that it never seems forced.

Aw, fuck. The vision of my cum painted on her sexy breasts was too enticing to say no to.

As ever, I cannot wait for the next one. Hit me up, my Kindle needs more steam!

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