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Review: Sovereign – Addison Cain

sovereignSovereign by Addison Cain
Series: Irdesi Empire #2
Genre: sci-fi erotica

There is no Quinn without Que.

Her only family murdered, the males of her species governing the prison designed to contain her, she mourns. Que had been her world, but it is Sovereign who enters her body day and night.

No man has loved a woman more, and no woman has hated a man with such passion.

She cannot help it. Designed to be the perfect slave soldier, programmed to exterminate her own kind, Sigil wants nothing more than to butcher those who would save her.

Sovereign’s many Brothers lavish her with attention, taking turns practicing seduction to woo the only female who might propagate their species. No matter twisting limbs or thrusting bodies, no matter opulent gifts and distraction, Sigil sees what they seek to hide.

There is a dangerous secret Sovereign and his Brothers cannot conceal forever, though they are willing to risk the empire, their lives, and even her sanity trying. Is that not the definition of love?

Publisher’s Note: The second installment in Addison Cain’s provocative and raw Irdesi Empire series is a dark tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange. Some scenes are written to be disturbing. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

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Heat: 2/5
Rating: 4/5

Love at first sight is a concept hailed by even the ancients before the humans destroyed the Earth. Why can the same not apply to us?

I am really enjoying this series, especially with Cain’s excellent world-building. It’s gory, it pushes the boundaries quite significantly and it never fails to completely hold my interest. I’m intrigued to know where the plot will end up, but due to what I’ve heard about Cain’s previous series (which I have yet to read), I have to admit I am finding it difficult to get attached to the characters due to the potential ending.

“You kill me every time you turn away, every time I have to force myself not to make a grab for you.

Although Cain is one of my favourite writers, I do feel that there are some areas which need improvement; one of these is just narrative flow. At times, it feels like the plot is jumping around everywhere, with new parts flung in out of nowhere and very little explanation. It’s difficult to go into this without spoilers, but parts would include Arden and Tiburion’s involvements. As well as the Soshiia themselves, which I wasn’t convinced by for part of the plot. It all seemed to be worked out very quickly.

I am waiting for the sequel with equal parts excitement and dread!

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