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Review: Three Little Mistakes – Nikki Sloane

three-little-mistakeThree Little Mistakes by Nikki Sloane
Series: The Blindfold Club #3
Genre: erotica

I sell sex, sin, and pleasure, but it isn’t just my business, it’s my entire life. I get off on the power of controlling it all.

She’s the one woman I can’t have.

She threatens everything, and yet I can’t stay away. There’s a beautiful, sexual creature inside this timid girl that’s desperate to claw its way out. I’m going to set it free, even if it brings my empire tumbling down.

I have to believe she’ll be worth all the little mistakes I’ve made.

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Themes: BDSM, forbidden love
Heat: 5/5

Rating: 4/5

Once again, Nikki Sloane has written a scorchingly sexy read for her Blindfold Club – a series I am huge fan of. I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to get round to reading them.

I’d never made a good girl beg and couldn’t imagine anything sweeter.

So, I feel it’s important to mention that this particular release contains, in some respects, some sexual acts that are probably a little more controversial than her previous releases – so if choking, public sex, group sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism and minor elements of humiliation turn you off, you may not want to pick this one up. If, however, you’re a dirty fuck like me, this will be right up your street.

I didn’t ask for permission, I took. I possessed. She fucking submitted.

It was nice to see a little (a lot?) more of Dominic and Payton in this release (they are, so far, my favourite couple from the series), and there was a wonderful emotional undertone to Joseph and Noemi’s relationship, which had to deal with the events of Joseph’s past, an age difference and an element of forbidden love. As ever, they are characters fully formed, characters to fall in love with and situations to make this a hot and heavy one-handed read.

If I had to pick a flaw, I’d say that I felt the later half of the book moved a little too quickly for me. The plot was fantastic, but could really have been drawn out just a little longer to make my heart ache – as it was, everything sort of wrapped up a little too nicely, too quickly.

“Having everything taken away from you teaches you who you really are.” The thought stormed into my mind. “You want that from me? To take away your control so you can find yourself?”

Another fabulously sexy read from Nikki Sloane, combining edgy, graphic sex with characters that pack a proper emotional punch. Sloane is, firmly, a one-click author for me. She can do no wrong.

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