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Review: Behind Closed Doors – Lisa Renee Jones

bcd-ebook-coverBehind Closed Doors by Lisa Renee Jones
Series: standalone (loosely ties into the Inside Out and Careless Whispers series)
Genre: erotic romance, suspense

From New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones comes a brand new gripping and provocative novel that ties into her bestselling Careless Whispers and Inside Out series. You can enjoy this as a standalone, but fans of Careless Whispers and Inside Out will get an exciting glimpse of who Ella really is and some of the secrets she’s been hiding from everyone she knows. 

Desperate to pay for law school, Skye tries her hand at auction hunting with her friend Ella, only to find a poker chip and a note leading to an offsite locker. The next thing she knows, Jason “Red Bull” Wise—a famous, millionaire poker player—is at her door, accusing her of blackmail. Innocent, she swears he’s wrong. He rolls the dice and believes her, impulsively inviting her along to Las Vegas. And remarkably, cautious Skye takes a risk, finding herself seduced by this dangerously alluring man, on his private jet, and finally living life to the fullest. But there is more than passion waiting for Skye and Jason in Vegas when blackmail takes a deadly turn.

A note from the author: Please be aware that BEHIND CLOSED DOORS was once released as just 3 chapters on my website and Storage Treasures. I have since fully completed this novel into 21 chapters (plus an epilogue). Readers will get a FULL-LENGTH book and finally learn the rest of Skye and Jason’s story! The middle and end to this book have NEVER been published before so please take time to check it out!

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Heat: ★★★
Rating: ★★

I sensed this connection. I sensed that we both know a monster calmed by one of only two things: escape or denial.

As ever, Lisa Renee Jones delivers an excellent storyline with the perfect balance of intrigue, suspense and romance. Although I haven’t yet read the Inside Out series, I have been meaning to for a while and enjoyed the chance to get to know Ella’s character a little before indulging in that way.

“Another thing I don’t want. Your curiosity. I just gave you permission to fuck me, but be clear: I’m not another notch on your belt. You’re a notch on mine.”

What I really struggled with was the pacing. The first 75% was really quite slow, unfolding at a snail’s pace, and the final 25% was just too fast. This was all build-up and very little satisfaction, with a huge lack of development and a very frustrating way to end a storyline which I was very much enjoying. The events were easily guessed, and we never got to the bottom of Skye’s background and personal issues – there was no resolution, no proper reason, and it all tied up too easily and quickly for me. The sex scenes also seemed a little tame for Jones, almost rushed, and not quite as thorough as I was expecting.

It was as if, in some respects, this really was treated as an interlude to Jones’ various ongoing series, with not quite as much care going into the mystery and craft as usual.

“My only type until now has been the queen in a deck of cards, who lies down for me at my bidding and without questions. Any woman more complicated than that simply distracts from my real love.”

A fantastic storyline hampered by disappointing pacing.

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