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Out now! Review: Between Here and the Horizon – Callie Hart

between-here-and-the-horizonBetween Here and the Horizon by Callie Hart
Series: standalone
Genre: new adult, romance
Themes: military, enemies to lovers

Ophelia Lang needs money, and she needs it bad. Her parent’s restaurant is going under, and ever since she lost her job teaching third grade elementary, scraping enough cash together to pay the bills has proven almost impossible. Her parents are on the brink of losing their home. The vultures are circling overhead. So when Ophelia is offered an interview for a well-paid private tutoring gig in New York, how can she possibly say no?

Ronan Fletcher is far from the overweight, balding businessman Ophelia expected him to be. He’s young, handsome, and wealthy beyond all reason. He’s also perhaps the coldest, rudest person she’s ever met, and has a mean streak in him a mile and a half wide. A hundred grand is a lot of money, however, and if tolerating his frosty temperament, his erratic mood swings and whatever else he throws at her means she’ll get paid, then that is what Ophelia will do.

Her new boss is keeping secrets, though. Awful, terrible secrets.

The ghosts of Ronan Fletcher’s past are about to turn Ophelia’s future upside down, and she can’t even see it coming.

Between Here and The Horizon is a brand new standalone contemporary romance novel from USA Today bestselling author, Callie Hart. Between Here and the Horizon does contain some scenes of violence and sexual content, and so is directed at audience 18+.

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Heat: ★★★
Rating: ★★★★

He was fearless. He was confident. He was strong, and he was honest. He was also a little broken – a truth that he didn’t mind owning.

This is another of many books I’ve read recently that I’m struggling to review, simply because I do not want to give away any of the storyline, whilst somehow encouraging you to one-click the damn book right now. So if you could trust me, that’d make my life a lot easier right now…

“God, loving you is the cruelest, most unkind thing I can do to you, and yet I’m going to do it anyway.”

There are so many plot twists, the first of which left me utterly gobsmacked, made me sit up and drop my Kindle, and made me want to continue reading all through the night. Hart has done a fabulous job here of hinting in the synopsis at what is to happen, yet making it a story completely different to the one I was expecting.

He was a man possessed. I was a woman lost. Together, we were two halves of something fragile and delicate, beautiful in its complexity.

This was crushing, heartwarming and wonderfully romantic(and even occasionally pretty funny, too). A welcome diversion of Hart’s typical grittier reads, this still packs an emotional punch whilst delivering a story about personal growth, with none of the forced angst so typical in romance books these days. This is a couple to really rally behind.

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