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REVIEW: The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge Volume II – Deana Farrady



Chicago billionaire Jonas Westerling has it all: money, power, a reputation for brilliance, a family he will fiercely protect…and the burning need for revenge.

Linnea Melbourne has nothing. No friends, no lovers, no worldly experience, no resources…and no idea what’s about to happen to her.

Jonas has hated Linnea for years, with no way to forgive her…until now. At last he will take his revenge, make Linnea pay for her crimes and finally put the past behind him.

There’s only one…tiny…problem. Linnea is innocent.

Now she’s paying for somebody else’s sins with her body, becoming the plaything he demands, doing every naughty thing he commands. Because if she doesn’t, somebody else will pay – somebody she must protect at all costs.

Yet behind his cold rage, behind her shocked sorrow, there’s something else simmering – a red-hot, decade-long passion that might never burn out, no matter what disturbing secrets come to light…

The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge is a love story, a tale of dominance and a story of redemption. It is extremely spicy and not intended for readers under age 18.

Purchase The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge (Volume II) here!


Title: The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge
Author: Deana Farrady
Series: The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge #6-9
Genre: dark erotica, suspense, BDSM, enemies-to-lovers
Heat: 4/5
Plot: 3/5
Rating: 3.5/5

Whilst the first five instalments of this series were pretty much all sex and no plot, it really turned around in this final set, building to a rather satisfying, if not slightly complex at times, climax and conclusion. Although it did have its moments of erotica, incorporating the good old butterfly and hinting at some mild petplay (this series is more about the mental side of BDSM than the pain side) these were dampened considerably in comparison to the first few instalments. I think that overall, the pacing was maybe a little off. Whereas the first box set had too much erotica, this perhaps had too little, and the subplot could have played through a little better throughout.

It was great to see Linnea become a much stronger character, and the chemistry that seemed to me to be initially missing was absolutely present in this final box set. I would absolutely recommend this entire series to fans of BDSM after short, scorching reads (though maybe not during a lunch break!).

Jagged Vengeance – 3.5/5
Deep Vengeance – 3/5
Wild Vengeance – 3.5/5
Loving Vengeance – 4/5

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