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REVIEW: The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge (Volume 1) – Deana Farrady



Chicago billionaire Jonas Westerling has it all: money, power, a reputation for brilliance, a family he will fiercely protect…and the burning need for revenge.

Linnea Melbourne has nothing. No friends, no lovers, no worldly experience, no resources…and no idea what’s about to happen to her.

Jonas has hated Linnea for years, with no way to forgive her…until now. At last he will take his revenge, make Linnea pay for her crimes and finally put the past behind him.

There’s only one…tiny…problem. Linnea is innocent.

Now she’s paying for somebody else’s sins with her body, becoming the plaything he demands, doing every naughty thing he commands. Because if she doesn’t, somebody else will pay – somebody she must protect at all costs.

Yet behind his cold rage, behind her shocked sorrow, there’s something else simmering – a red-hot, decade-long passion that might never burn out, no matter what disturbing secrets come to light…


Hot Vengeance
Angry Vengenance
Golden Vengeance
Velvet Vengeance
Satin Vengeance


Title: The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge, volume 1
Author: Deanna Farrady
Series: The Alpha Billionaire’s Revenge #1-5
Category: erotica, BDSM, romance, enemies to lovers
Rating: ***

The best part of this box set was the sex. It is unashamedly erotica at its finest, even from the outset, incorporating elements of BDSM including humiliation, which tends to be a rare find in a book. Yet, where it lacks is the subplot. Although containing elements of the dark genre, for me it just didn’t go far enough, and the history of the two characters kept being mentioned but seemed to really have very little point other than to be an excuse to write such sizzling erotica. Similarly, although leaning towards a HEA, I have found very little chemistry between the two characters, and Linnea is a bit weak for my tastes. I am not a huge fan of serials as feel they detract from the overall story; perhaps a longer full-length novel would have been a better idea.

Regardless, highly enjoyable material for your pleasure awaits.

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