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REVIEW: Hawk – Jo Raven


Bad-boy heir to the Fleming Group empire, Jamie “Hawk” Fleming, at your service.
Here’s the breakdown: my father has been thrown behind bars on murder charges, and my mother as accessory. That was three months ago, and since then, everything has been a downhill ride.
The only thing keeping me sane right now is Hot Body. Her name is Layla, and all that matters is that she’s gorgeous, sexy, and great in bed.
Until I wake up tied up and gagged, Layla standing over me. Sounds promising, huh? A pretty girl, maybe handcuffs and a whip?
But that’s not our scene, and the pissed-off men who kidnapped me are lurking in the shadows, ensuring that this experience won’t be fun at all…


Title: Hawk
Author: Jo Raven
Series: Sex & Bullets #2 (can standalone but better if the others are read)
Genre: erotic romantic suspense
Rating: ****

This was a brilliant romantic suspense, particularly when read after the novella prequel, Caught. The characters are brilliantly well formed, the chemistry sizzling, and Jo Raven’s hottest, dirtiest sex scenes yet.

In places, the plot was pretty predictable, but this was overcome by how intrigued I was by the storyline, and how much I was rooting for Layla and Hawk to solidify their growing relationship.

Highly recommended, and now I have to go back and read Storm to fill in some of the backstory. If you have the choice, read rhat first – although Hawk can standalone and is very strong in itself, it feels like the backstory is necessary for full enjoyment.

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