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REVIEW: Unmatchable – Sky Corgan

unmatchableTitle: Unmatchable
Author: Sky Corgan
Series: standalone
Genre: romantic drama
Rating: ****

I went into this and found it highly amusing, the witty rapport between Colson and Ember being outstanding, particularly when it was crass. I read a lot of it with a huge smile on my face, the occasional embarrassing snigger or two (inevitably when I was reading in public).

But then something happened. It introduced some pretty serious childhood events, and the entire thing became more than just light humour, but had depth to it as well. It became emotional and hard to read in places, but it was a wonderful journey of self-discovery and forgiveness to follow. Whilst, of course, maintaining the occasional crass conversation which never stopped amusing me.

I was really rooting for these characters to get together. There was a definite chemistry there, some fabulous flirtatious banter, and they were really good for one another. Not did Colson have a filthy mouth and sense of humour, but he was undeniably sweet and caring. The perfect balance in a fictional love interest. Plus those glasses.

This was my first book by Sky Corgan, but it absolutely won’t be my last.

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