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REVIEW: Surrender – Karyn Lawrence

SurrenderTitle: Surrender
Author: Karyn Lawrence
Series: The Command #3
Genre: romantic suspense
Rating: ****

This series just gets better and better. At this stage, the third instalment, we’re now firmly attached to the characters and get to follow the mysterious Ethan, who has cropped up here and there but now plays the main role. And it’s absolutely worth it.

Ethan and Olivia’s romance is of two people who have seen a lot and have lived through it, who are shutting down and dead inside and find life again in one another. Although there is an element of insta-love within these pages, it is addressed in such a way that it is believable and through curiosity and mutual attraction rather than an immediate ’til death do us part. The sex scenes have become steamier, the suspense scenes have become more engrossing – reflecting a mass maturing of Lawrence’s writing just through this one trilogy, which i would highly recommend to those enjoying romance with an actual plot.

I do hope this isn’t the end of this series; it feels like enough characters have cropped up throughout to make a few more instalments, but if not I’d very much hope for some sort of epilogue or proper conclusion for all the relationships addressed within the pages of this series. I’ll miss it.

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