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REVIEW: Stay – Karyn Lawrence

StayTitle: Stay
Author: Karyn Lawrence
Series: The Command #1 (standalone in a series)
Genre: romantic thriller
Rating: ***

I really enjoyed the mystery/suspense/thriller subplot of this book, which propelled me to keep reading onwards towards the conclusion. It was well-written, violent and at times pretty dark, and the way the story began was highly intriguing, particularly when it came full-circle and I was able to understand how everything fit together.

However, I felt that the relationship between L and Jason seemed a little forced, with not a lot of chemistry. It was insta-love but without really convincing me that there was a proper connection there until really the very end. I was more gripped by the mystery and the romance aspect of this novel felt almost like a distraction.

Definitely worth a read even if just for its engrossing mystery.

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