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REVIEW: BURN – Ruth Clampett

30178196Title: BURN
Author: Ruth Clampett
Series: L.A. Untamed #2 (standalone in a series)
Genre: romance
Rating: ****

The best thing about BURN is Tricia. She is hilarious, strong and independent and comfortable in her own skin; she is absolutely one of the most loveable and respectable heroines that has been written in a romance book, and Clampett has got this aspect perfect. Tricia is the glue to this story, holding everything together and setting her life back on track, but what makes her even stronger is when we get to see her emotional, softer side – she is a highly complex, highly developed character.

This is unlike any romance I have previously read, with the calls of firefighting taking a significant role alongside the budding relationship between Tricia and Joe, resulting in some surprising emotional attachment to the characters and their life obstacles, and also providing a very natural angst which isn’t forced in any way.

This book is also really quite funny, largely through the conversations between Tricia and Joe, sometimes Tricia’s actions – and particularly the opening scene. It really did bring me to smile and smirk and I very very much enjoyed reading it.

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