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REVIEW: Derision – Trisha Wolfe

29560327Title: Derision
Author: Trisha Wolfe
Series: standalone
Genre: Dark romantic/erotic suspense
Rating: ****

Will I submit? Um, yes. Yes I will. Sir.

“I’m going to debase you in the most lovely way.” 

This was a brilliant, highly suspenseful read, largely about shifts and plays in power. And boy was it interesting. It’s one of the books that you start reading and your heart beats a little faster, the intensity astonishing and the writing incredibly strong. Although the beginning starts out as promising incredibly dark erotica, this actually transforms much more into the suspenseful sub plot and transfers of power.

If I belong to Chase, then I belong to the monster as much as I do the man. 

The character development within this fairly short book was absolutely phenomenal, and it was wonderful to see the affect each had on the other. I just wish it could be extended to a sequel as it felt like their story was not quite over, and being in one instalment, with such darkness in both characters, it was slightly difficult to get emotionally attached.

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