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REVIEW: Fearless for Love – Clara Stone

29727477Title: Fearless for Love
Author: Clara Stone
Series: Lovelly #3 (standalone in a series)
Genre: romantic thriller
Page count: 410
Rating: **** 

She kisses me gently and then whispers the next words, though they echo as loud as ringing bells in my head. “I love you, Harrington Brad Lovelly”. 

The best part about this book is the teasing and banter between Harrington and Jessica. It’s just so real, and at times absolutely hilarious, and left me smirking to myself on numerous occasions. This isn’t a standard romance in which the sub-plot is barely visible and probably a little pointless, but rather the romance within this is, somewhat refreshingly, the sub-plot, yet somehow remaining the focal point of the story.

“They do say love is for fools. And hell if I’m not a happy fool right now”. 

It is well and thoughtfully written and structured, with just enough information revealed at any moment, and the violence and fight scenes are pretty brutal and thrilling. However, despite all this, I found myself not particularly attached to the main characters and with very little emotional involvement in their story – although their relationship was sweet and I was definitely rooting for them, I felt it was a little cheesy at some points, the sex scenes weren’t particularly steamy, and I never really believed either character may actually have been in any danger at any stage.

Regardless, it’s incredibly good fun, it’s great to read something that actually has a very strong sub-plot rather than forcing drama upon the relationship, and it’s a refreshing change in pace from the norm.

Would Harrington be included in my book boyfriends? Yeah. It’s the arrogance that does it.

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