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REVIEW: Fall Back Skyward – Autumn Grey

25277085Title: Fall Back Skyward
Author: Autumn Grey
Series: Fall Back #1
Genre: Second chance romance
Page count: 422
Rating: ****

My breathing quickens, and fire spreads in my veins as the love that has been simmering under my skin flares to life. I should have known I could never hate her, no matter how hard I tried. 

I really enjoyed the relationship within this book; it was entirely believable, and absolutely magnetic. Even though it is a longer romance read, with over 400 pages, it really made me want to continue reading to hunt down the ending. With all second chance romances, this was a very intense read, some of it being quite hard, particularly the reason for Cole’s return.

“Am I scaring you, Nor?” he smirks and I see my Cole in there. The sweet, sexy boy I fell in love with. The boy I’m still helplessly in love with. 

There was a lot of deep character development, particularly the before and after of Cole, resulting in some pretty dark, passionate (and hot) sex scenes reeking of desperation between two people who needed to find comfort in one another.

She is my biggest weakness and my greatest strength. 

Despite my enjoyment, and the emotional pull of this book, there was one thing that I just could’t get out of my head – judging from the intense awfulness of the events that occurred within their childhood, and the importance of the consequences, how was it that Nor and Cole’s family were unable/unwilling to pull out all the stops to hunt him down and inform him earlier?

Overall, a very strong read, well-written and highly emotional. Cole has joined my top list of book boyfriends; he really was just delicious and tortured. I really look forward to the next instalment.

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