REVIEW: Sordid – Nikki Sloane

29548789Title: Sordid
Author: Nikki Sloane
Series: standalone
Genre: dark erotic romance
Page count: 119
Rating: ***** 

There are not many books which, in the first four chapters alone, I find myself completely hooked (and in need of spare underwear!). This is extremely dark, raw and brutal, and the development of the relationship between the two characters is one of the most interesting I have ever read. The confusion of Addison’s feelings, and the slow unfurling acceptance of what was happening to her, and her feelings towards Luka, despite his treatment of her, was extremely intriguing and believable. The reader goes through this process too, knowing we should be horrified at what is happening but still very much enjoying it. Perhaps too much. Luka easily makes my top three book boyfriends, which probably says a lot about my own sordid imagination!

The subplot is something of a back-burner up until the last few pages, but when it comes into fruition it is well worth the wait, with an absolutely shocking twist that brings the emotion into the book, making it one of those reads that leaves you feeling empty and exhausted.

This is not a book for the faint-hearted. It involves dubious consent, pain and humiliation in a sexual context. Yet, for those of us who very much enjoy these dark reads, Sloane has produced an absolute masterpiece. It is beautifully-written, absolutely filthy and speaks to the darkest place in the back of your mind. My one complaint is that I finished it absolutely desperate for more. It is thoughtful, thrilling, terrifying and passionate. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to explore their darker fantasies.

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