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REVIEW: Identity – Cleo Scornavacca

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00070]Title: Identity
Author: Cleo Scornavacca
Series: Book 2 of the Miss Taken Identity series
Page count: 393
Genre: romance
POV: Rain Medici (prologue and epilogue from Dominick Kane)
Rating: **

Identity starts off exactly where Miss Taken finishes.

Although Scornavacca’s writing has definitely improved in relation to her debut, it still leaves a lot to be desired – or at least someone to give these books a really thorough editing. She still has a tendency to tell rather than show, and it all still seems rather staged. Scornavacca is still an Italophile and enjoys showing off her knowledge of Capri (though thankfully not to the same extent as the previous book).

Plot-wise, I am finding it incredibly frustrating that these two characters are so dramatic. Dominick is, frankly, a bit of a tosspot, and Rain is a wet blanket. They constantly find any possible reason to get angry with each other and have utterly unnecessary misunderstandings, which is pretty wearing. The (many) subplots were messy, unnecessary and completely predictable, really stretching out something that would perhaps have benefited in being a little more concise, with less detail on the mundane, everyday things.

Yet, despite all these criticisms and my better judgement, for some reason I really can’t help but want to finish Rain and Dominick’s story. Reading this series is like eating rubbish when you’re dieting – you know it’s a bad idea, you know you will hate yourself afterwards…but you do it anyway.

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