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REVIEW: Prick Tease – Misti Murphy

27254070Title: Prick Tease
Author: Misti Murphy
Series:  Book 1 in the Tangled Desires series (standalone)
Genre: romance
Page count: 170
POV: Claire Hadley & Razer Bennington
Rating: ***

Prick Tease is a short but charming read, incorporating some pretty intense sexual tension (and sex in general) and a much-needed happy ending. The second half was much better than the first, once the relationship between the two main characters was a little more firmly established.

I had two main issues with this book (aside from the title):
1) None of the characters were very likeable; there was very little character development and they all acted too impulsively and stupidly for my liking, with no exploration of their past and some pretty pointless reasons why they stubbornly couldn’t be together for the first half.
2) Although a few potentially interesting plot points were set up, they didn’t really evolve into anything. The main example of this is when Henley takes photos of Claire and Razer ‘in the act’.

Overall, an enjoyable, light-hearted read unfortunately lacking in proper emotion and character development.

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