REVIEW: Badlands – Callie Hart

28318688Title: Badlands
Author: Callie 
Series: Standalone
Genre: biker novella
Page count: 48
POV: Michael
Rating: ****

This novella only gets four stars instead of the five it probably deserves simply because it is so short, taking only about half an hour of reading to finish it. It would have been nice if it were about twice the length, to get a little more depth and understanding of Michael; however, it’s a great teaser for a full-length Michael instalment later this year.

Regardless of its length, it’s really great for fans of the series to be able to get into Michael’s head a little more, seeing as he was such a popular character from the original Blood & Roses series, of which this is a prequel going into more depth about how Zeth found Lacey, and the relationship between her and Michael which is so strong in the full series.

I can’t wait for the full-length instalment. If you’re a fan of the world crafted by Callie Hart, this is definitely a half-hour slot of your day well spent.

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