Flip Trick by Amo Jones


Sometimes less can be more…

Wow… I am not quite sure how I feel about this book… the accompanying blurb promised a strong heroine and a potential taboo romance.. but it was so much more complicated than that ….

Amethyst and Maddox provide the narrative, which gives an insight into the inner workings and turmoil of these two protagonists; Amethyst did so in her own quirky style, which at times I found tricky to follow…sadly she was not as bad *** as I thought she was going to be; she was too geeky, wavering too often over decisions and second guessing her choices……. I did like her asides and foot in mouth moments, though, they made me laugh..I particularly loved her seven year old self in the prologue, who in many ways was more insightful than the young adult version; as far as strong heroine’s go, she lacked commitment…. Maddox had all the trappings of a bad-boy type and at times he oozed charisma, but his overall attitude was too conflicted, and he made too many bad decisions and wrong choices…and overall I found it difficult to connect with his character…

There were a host of well written and relatable secondary characters, but in the end they all seemed to have flaws and invariably behaved contrary to character at the most inconvenient moments… I did love the relationship between the three brothers..and would love to know more about Talon and the brooding Wolf… although Leila would not be my choice for any of the boys…

This book had all the ingredients of a classic young adult/forbidden romance. unfortunately, although I was engaged by the writing and the unfolding plot, it just wasn’t as compelling a read as I had anticipated: there were too many coincidences, Maddox and Amethyst’s relationship was too complex, the various sub-plots and interconnections were too numerous and the frequent revelations and periodic jumps in the timeline spoiled my overall enjoyment…..the old adage that sometimes less is more rings true in relation to this rollercoaster read……




False Perceptions by Michelle Heard


5 Star … an emotional and thrilling romance…

I love stories about courageous men and brave women and False Perceptions has both of these types in plenty..This is a suspenseful, action packed, bittersweet romance with two individuals at its heart who have encountered more than their fair share of hurt…

Emilie is a strong and vibrant heroine..she experiences betrayal as well as physical and mental harm and yet she remains resilient and kick***, regardless…and then there is Hayden a battle hardened Navy SEAL who, by the very nature of his work, faces trauma and loss..their path to each other is filled with self-doubt and second-guesses… a slow burning love story with perfect chemistry…but the strength of this story lies not only with Emilie and Hayden; there are so many well written and fascinating secondary characters…I feel disloyal to name any in particular, because they all add something extra, but Hayden’s band of Navy SEAL ‘brothers’ are everything they should be, : strong, brave and their camaraderie and banter adds moments of lightness even in the darkest of times… Max in particular is such a wonderfully described individual…

This is an emotional story and there are some very touching and downright heartbreaking moments; but there are also some very funny moments, and some sweet moments, and some hot and steamy moments …something for everyone no matter the readers preference.. the author has created a vivid and captivating world and populated it with relatable and believable characters…I was hooked from the very first chapter and completely engrossed until the very last page….



Shattered Fears by Anna Edwards


Second chances and honey sandwiches…..

This is the fourth in the Glacial Blood series and Zain has got to be one of my most favourite series characters… he is a bear-shifter with two loves….Isobel, the young woman he left behind five years earlier to protect both her and his own secret, and honey sandwiches..

The alternative universe continues to fascinate and shock…. the series deals with topics of prejudice and intolerance and this particular storyline is no exception…..the evil machinations of Nuka notch up another gear supported by a number of other sinister, power crazed and damaged individuals who are willing to kidnap, torture and even murder to achieve their aims… but whilst the darker themes and serious messages are there, this is not a heavy read.. there is plenty of humour and banter between the characters, in particular amongst the members of the Glacial Blood Pack and the friends and family who align themselves with them, providing lighter moments……

Whilst each book focuses on a different couple the underlying storyline continues as a thread throughout… power struggles, betrayal, fear and loss are all there… but at the heart there is a disparate and quirky pack of magical men and women bound by loyalty and love who are ready to fight to protect their very own special brand of family.. this is a bittersweet, second chance paranormal romance, and I loved it….




Hard Trigger by S.L. Hannah


Plenty of action…..not enough depth….

Wow this is topsy turvy short story with a fascinating premise but, unfortunately, one that I did not enjoy quite as much as I thought I would…. talk about role reversal…. Victoria is the bad*** antiheroine who is holding all the cards and Diego is her childhood ‘sweetheart’, equally ruthless because it comes with the territory, but willing to sacrifice so much for her..

The story is told from Victoria’s perspective, which should have given me a ring-side view of her innermost thoughts and feelings, but that was not the case…. in fact there is very little insight into the emotions of Victoria or Diego .. Considering this was a short story I learned a lot about gaming machines and other inconsequential details, but Victoria and Diego’s emotional intelligence remained a mystery.. particularly because in their intimate moments it was all action and little dialogue, and anything worth saying was in Spanish, leaving me none the wiser…. as a result of all of this I never really liked Victoria and felt Diego could have found someone better and therefore was not invested in the outcome of their volatile relationship…

This storyline had so much potential and the writing itself is good…but for me there was too much emphasis on the action, and too much explanation of the minutiae, and not enough time spent on developing the characters who lacked depth and empathy….




The Golden Line by Addison Cain


The Golden Line by Addison Cain

It’s no secret that Addison Cain is one of my favourite authors of all time. Whenever I’m in a book funk, I pick up anything of hers and shove my nose deep into my Kindle. It’s the perfect cure, and I can honestly say I could read any of her work over and over again. It’s original and exquisite, and the former is something difficult to find in today’s saturated indie book market.

The Golden Line is probably the first book in the last few months that has actually made me stop and savour it. I consumed it in one day, but I rolled the delicious words around in my mouth in felt the dark eroticism to my very core.

This is a story to really get into, characters to actually quite literally care about, and a world to revisit over and over again. Morgaine was fabulous, and Simin her dark hero — and yes, ‘hero’ is the correct word for him in this one — and the plot was not at all what I was expecting, taking a fork about halfway through to truly make this a different work from Born to be Bound and the Alpha’s Claim trilogy.

Fantastic and worthy in its own right, The Golden Line is one of my top releases of 2018.

NB: The Golden Line was originally a short story, Consumed, published in the Royally Mine anthology. It has been extensively extended and is well worth picking up even if you’ve read the original.



Gypsy Blood by Jeff Gunhus



When Corbin Stewart, a down-on-his-luck writer living in Paris, witnesses the brutal attack of an old gypsy, he rushes to help. He chases off the attackers, three albinos wearing porcelain tragedy masks, but not before they stab the old man repeatedly. While Corbin tries to keep the man alive until help arrives, blood gets on his skin, in his eyes, into his mouth. The old man dies, but Corbin soon discovers that death isn’t the end for the powerful gypsy, and that the blood in his body carries part of the man’s tortured soul with it.



This is the first I’ve read by Jeff Gunhus, and has intrigued me enough for it to not be the last.

The horror aspect of how this book has been marketed spoke to me, but I found it wasn’t quite as horror-oriented as I was expecting. The first few chapters were certainly spooky, and there were some parts so thick on emotion that I clung to my Kindle, desperate to see what would happen.

Gunhus’ writing was solid, a delicious romp through subterranean Paris, which was described so thoroughly I could honestly put myself in Corbin’s shoes and imagine I was there. Completed with an unsettling focus on skeletons, blood, and just a little bit of gore, it was the sort of book to read in one sitting on a cold winter’s night, accompanied by a glass of wine (or two).

The characters had a fantastic depth to them—even the antagonists, whom I actually felt some sympathy fore, which is always a pleasure—and I was very much rooting for Corbin and his companions. This wasn’t a five-star read for me simply because I felt the ending was a little rushed and unbelievable, especially considering the long build-up to the climax.

Despite this, it was great fun, if not a little sobering at times. Well worth a read.

~Evelyn (4/5)


The First Sin by Jillian Quinn



Once upon a time, I fell in love with a blue-eyed boy who promised me forever.
We fell hard and fast, even though our relationship was forbidden.
Loving Angelo Morelli wasn’t my first sin.
It wouldn’t be my last.

Our families were friends before they were enemies, fighting for power in the city.
I was their bargaining chip, a pawn to be used by the most powerful men in Philadelphia.
I just didn’t know it.

Angelo was my white knight in a world full of darkness.
But someone had to pay for the sins of the past.
Too bad that person was me.



All consuming and enthralling….

I am currently going through a mafia reading spree, and I am always eager to find my next favorite series in the genre…. This first in a duet is a strong contender…..The premise is intriguing and the characters who are all morally bankrupt exhibit bonds of loyalty and love that somehow make the inexcusable more acceptable.

The relationship between the two main characters Angelo and Gia is both passionate and obsessive; they have been together since childhood and there is no one else for them… but they exist in a world of violence and criminality and even the strongest bonds can be broken under relentless brutality…..

The perspective of both Angelo and Gia is provided… in the case of Angelo this is particularly insightful because it demonstrates the spiralling path he is being led down and the effect it has on his demeanour and personality…. Angelo and Gia are products of their upbringing both smart, tough and in love… he has secrets and his hands are ‘dirty’..and she is a thrill-seeker and desperate to be part of Angelo’s life….the supporting cast provide shades of light and dark and whilst many are truly wicked and avaricious they all bring more breadth and depth to the story….

This is the first book I have read by this author and I have to say I was completely engrossed in the plot…. the author’s voice makes for easy reading, and the book is well written: filled with intrigue, great plot development, and plenty of heat….

I do have one niggling criticism: I was not a fan of the prologue, which described events that were to play out later on…this to me was an unnecessary spoiler and eliminated some of the growing suspense….it was a bit like a television programme where key highlights are broadcasted in the introductory titles…

That said…this story was all consuming and enthralling…as the first in the series, a cliffhanger concludes the book, but thankfully the next in the series follows close behind, and the fates of our characters, whilst hanging in the balance, will be determined imminently…

~Sheena (5/5)